Ava Grace Fogata

Ava Grace Fogata is a photo hobbyist mostly taking pictures of the family activities especially when they are going out of town or when visiting exciting places. Eccentric and a critic to everything she does and does not comply with any rules but her own.

Aside from being a photo hobbyist, she is also a genuine artist that focuses mainly on abstract that specifically highlights her emotions through her artwork using any medium as her material. She follows her instincts and the flows of her hand during a creation of a simple but unique masterpiece.

She is also an adventurer that gives her the opportunity to capture everything she shoots perfectly. She’s more fascinated with the scenery of nature and is very satisfied if the sceneries are taken with her family.

Ava is certainly an artist in her own way.

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"restless""Untitled""easter sunday moon""risen christ""Untitled""sunset""Twin Mangoes""light & shade""black saturday tradition""pag-ikat ti dalungdong ni apo maria""Untitled""Untitled""Untitled""apo santa maria""Untitled""Untitled""Untitled""Untitled"