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It's difficult to just blurt out things about myself…. "I like this and that. I'm this kind of person blah blah blah" Maybe I'm still searching for my true self! Yaiks ang drama. Anyway, in lieu of my profile, I'll let you through a glimpse of my thoughts (which are mostly nonsense crap).
I'm thinking of a room, a space of my own. It will be featured on Architectural Digest with a byline "Identity of Filipino Architecture: Finally Revealed!" Yeah right! It's just going to be a room personalized by myself. Nothing fancy and groundbreaking! The room is facing the ocean with clear… nah, probably lightly tinted glass panels aligned perfectly to frame the serenity of the ocean. I will make the room take an undulating form. Interplay of light and shadow will fill the walls. I feel the warmth of the floor and the smoothness of the walls.

On the other side of the room, a simple yellow wall with an integrated glass frame etched with a design of … yes, blown up Calvin and Hobbes! No furniture, everything will be built-in, hidden beneath the walls and floors. Except maybe for the futon bed facing the ocean. All fixtures are made out of unstained wood…. Well, I'm going on and on, it's getting a little bit boring! The truth of the matter is that a simple studio type bedroom will do just fine…as long as it's mine!

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